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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 5, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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with nothing. >> some residents complained management has been lax in maintenance. the heating and air-conditioning units for each apartment are inside the closet with doors on the balcony. >> the fire department. her faulty furnace as the cause of the fire and recommended homeowners be cautious as it gets cold. >> we highly recommend you contact a professional to make sure everything is in working order. >> residents have spent the rest of the day going in and out of the building, sobbing as much of their property as they can. -- salvaging as much of their property as they can. >> management is putting people who were displaced up in other units that they have here at this complex. so far, we have been unable to get management to respond to the residents' complaints about maintenance here.
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fortunately, no one was injured fire officials put the damage at $250,000. >> no injuries, that is a good time to learn a lesson here. to checka good time your system. doug hill is standing by the weather system -- whether center about whether the heating systems are going to stay on. -- in the weather center about whether the gene systems are going to stay on. >> a low pressure area is moving from east to west and that is keeping us locked into this breezy and chilly weather. as far as conditions on the weatherbug, our rooftop camera looks out at a patch of blue here. .heck these numbers in the 50's
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low to mid 50's. howard temperatures this time of year should be in the low 70's -- our low temperatures should be in the low 70's. >> in frederick county communities more in the loss of the local soldier. he was only 29 years old, but his commitment to his country and his family extended well beyond his years. we have more on this sergeant first class. >> army rangers are -- sergeant first class lance was always -- first-class lance voegler was always in harm's way. >> he did 12 tours of duty in afghanistan and iraq, but last thursday he died in a line of
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duty. >> he was always happy. he always had a smile on his face. >> teresa went to thomas johnson high school. 12 years after he graduated, she still members his impact in the classroom. >> he always had a great personality. >> he was a soccer player who was active in his church. today in his neighborhood where the 29-year-old army ranger grew up, there is a yellow ribbon and an american flag flying proudly outside his parents' home. neighbors here are grateful for his bravery and unwavering desire to serve. >> there's a lot of dedication to do that. and not really fearing for your own life to do it. >> he served and was rehabilitated and went back to afghanistan again it shows a lot of heart and dedication.
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>> he was posthumously awarded a purple heart and bronze star >> i know that he served as well. >> he was married and had two children. his wife is pregnant with their third child. >> maryland officials say that the front of cancer around for deedrick is no higher than other parts of the county. but those suffering disagree. agent orange was tested years ago. officials believe that the area is safe. frederick tonight with the details. rebeccah? >> that is right, we have been bringing continuing coverage for several months about a possible cancer clustered here in frederick. last night, officials from the maryland health department and frederick county gathered to let residents know of the preliminary studies and that there is no proof yet of a possible cancer cluster.
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but the residents of we spoke to disagree. >> lisa was born in frederick and married a local boy that served as mayor in the 1990's. she says there are not including the possible study -- there are many not including the possible study. >> there were three women that died of cancer that were not included the study because the study starts in the year 2000 and these women died prior to that time. >> it was only working for a nonprofit that she learned about testing of the homes. >> nobody in the community knew about agent orange. we did not know it. >> health officials said they are not convinced by an initial study and that there is no firm proof of a clip -- of the cancer cluster. >> the maryland council registry is not up to recognizing a cancer cluster. >> john, an environmental expert
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working for the cristian foundation, is convinced that there is a cancer cluster like few he has seen nationwide. >> i have done this a lot in the last 30 years and there are about five sites that are really important. this is one of them. >> look at the shocking progression of the cancer that killed him in just six months after cleaning atoxic valve. -- cleaning a toxic valve. >> people are dying and it is time for them to wake up. it is time for them to not push it off because they don't know what to do and they do not want to do it. complacency is over. >> maryland health officials stress that this was a preliminary study of the initial
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data and their continuing to look at the cases of cancer here in frederick. meanwhile, the man who started the christian foundation named after his daughter who died in her thirties of cancer, he said that he believes this study was done too quickly with too few resources and did not cover enough years and did not include enough cases of cancer. he could not be in last night meeting. he is in tampa where his wife is being treated for stage for breast cancer. -- stage four breast cancer. >> alley anderson and her son, 5-year-old solomon and 3-year- old alfonso died from smoke inhalation and burns. she managed to save her other three children by dropping them out of a window. >> a long-awaited trial for the man accused of killing local record producers by the deeds is now under way.
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beats wife took beatscotty the stand. >> qualities a sad story, it is also a brutal story. -- while it is a sad story, it is also a brutal story. three people were murdered just because a man wanted to steal some wheels. >> almost exactly four years ago, music producer and recording engineer, raymond scotty beets brown was shot and killed in front of his life. it has taken four years to bring into to trial. his widow and his friends say that all they want is what is right. >> if he is found guilty, she does want him to serve his time. >> the suspect, with two friends standing as lookouts, tried to
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steal the car, stealing only the rams. the wife testified that she watched as the accused shot and killed her husband because he wanted wheels. >> she lost the man she loves over a set of france. >> the rest of the story is just as brutal. -- over a set of rims. >> the rest of the story is just as brutal. two years ago there was another murder that was just as brutal. brown's family pointed out that there were three people dead over four wheels. of this's another side disk -- the society that works just as hard after hours to take what you have worked for. >> the defense says there's not
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sufficient evidence that jamal committed this murder and they're saying that the police are using him as a scapegoat and that he did not actually commit this murder. he is facing a sentence of life without parole. >> police want to know who shot a man found lying in a parking lot near metra station. the 32-year-old man was discovered near the huntington station around 10:30 p.m. last night. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening and his name has not been released. they're still trying to defend -- determine if the gunshot wound was self-inflicted or if someone was involved. 12 people were sickened by peppers for at an arlington shopping center after a female shoplifters. the pepper spray at the mall. -- a female shoplifter sprayed the pepper spray at the mall. >> a big announcement from the
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d.c. mayor adrian fenty and schools chancellor michelle rhee. it turns out, attendance across the city is up for the first time in 39 years. this morning, michelle rhee highlighted the accomplishments of the elementary. they have not one of a handful of schools to see a double-digit growth at the same time, there are concerns about overcrowding. >> we have a principle that has opened new classrooms where there -- where they are necessary and also, because we have been traditionally and under enrolled school district we have more than enough space. >> after her remarks, she declined to say whether she expects to stay in her post after lautner fenty leaves office. -- after mayor fenty leaves office. >> legislation was introduced today that would extend the school day by 30 minutes to seven hours a day.
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if approved, individual school principals would determine how to use the added instructional time. president obama is among the supporters of a longer day for all public-school children. >> coming up, tougher tests and a new kind of crash test dummies. >> and when john stewart appears later this month, he will be raising money for a local charity as well. >> i thank god that he put me here to help out. >> and 8-year-old girl and abducted from her front yard. >> and 8-year-old girl and abducted from her front yard.
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>> na-year-old california girl is reunited with her family tonight after being kidnapped. but it's all thanks to a quick thinking of its american. >> elisa cardenaz survived a terrifying ordeal. the 8-year-old was snatched from her yard monday night. she is back home thanks to this young man police are calling it zero. victor paradis recognize the
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suspects truck from news reports. he saw the driver and moments dropped out's had -- popped up on the driver's side. >> he maneuvered in front of the vehicle and caused the suspect to stop. the suspect actually opened the passenger door and pushed elisa out of the car and onto the roadway. the crux the truck to graaff. the suspect -- >> and the truck took off. the suspect was arrested a short time later. elisa was taken to hospital where she was reunited with her mother. authorities say she is in good condition. >> i thank god that he put me here to help out that little girl, that is for sure. >> police say that the suspect had at -- had exposed himself to the little girl just prior to her rescue.
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>> a connecticut man is now convicted in the murder of a woman and her two daughters. steven hayes was found guilty of capital murder. jennifer and her 11 and 17-year- old daughters were killed in a home invasion in 2007. the husband, william, was beaten and tied up, but was able to survive. >> there is some relief that my family -- but my family is still gone. it does not bring them back. >> steven hayes is the lead -- is eligible for the death penalty. the jury is fedor to come back on october 18 to hear more evidence. a co-defendant in the case will be tried separately. >> in nevada, the streets outside of las vegas were turned into a muddy mess. lake mead had to be closed down because of this flooding.
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cars plowed through the mud in other areas. the muddy water rose up to 10 feet. no injuries reported, though. >> a lot of what they have had through arizona and nevada recently is rains going over the same area. it is not like it is spread out over a wide area of, but it is hitting the same area over and over. we had flooding issues last week. now things are calming down. let's get you started with a few weatherbug locations. 57prince george's county, degrees. the high so far today, 67. we continue this cooler than average trend. 53 is not a high temperature and a stop in manassass for a 50 -- for a 58 high. it was a chilly 42 in leesburg
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and parshall and culpepper. -- marshall and culpepper. definitely mostly 40's. another chilly night tonight. the clouds will hang around one more game and warmer temperatures by the end of the week as well. not a lot of difference in the areas of fairfax where the upper 60s are showing up. winds are out of the north with heavy cloud cover. state college is 50 degrees. 47 in pittsburgh. richmond at 63. the raleigh-durham at 66. another cool day tomorrow and then another warm up begins at the sunshine returns.
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even in minneapolis, about 74 degrees with the cool air been dictated by this low pressure area. you can see the moisture moving right across york, pennsylvania. once this moves out of the way, look what is out to the west, not much. high-pressure, very little in the way of cutting this and that weather pattern is the one that is going to build in here. tomorrow, things will finally move offshore and we will start to pick up some improving weather as this high pressure moves in. it will spread over the entire atlanta -- atlantic not only for thursday and friday, but the weekend ahead. cloudy in chile in the morning tomorrow, mid 50's in it -- during the day. as we head through the rest of the work week, thursday and friday and beyond, of warmer
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temperatures and 73 on thursday. still delightful early autumn whether -- early autumn weather . >> all right, well done. it turns out this building is open for business. it had its first -- its first opening today. this ego from the building features a plant covered roof. the waterfall actually want the building up in the winter. >> i imagine it must be soothing watching the water. >> absolutely. coming up, when your child goes
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to school, is your school prepared for possible allergies? >> abf pampering at redskins park, but not for the players.
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>> nfl players sported the color pink over the weekend for breast cancer awareness.
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but we're live from redskins park with more. the -- >> we are live from the redskins park with more. >> the women who are the survivors of breast cancer treatment today, they were the vips at the park. she was 37 weeks present -- pregnant with her son, connor, when she found a lump in her breast. >> six weeks to the day i had a double mastectomy. my son was in the hospital for purchases at the same time. it has been a world wind. -- was in hospital for pertussis at the same time. it has been a whirlwind. >> please mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. >> she came over to my house and she asked me private there for her. it was really hard. >> -- she asked me if i was there for her. it was really hard.
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>> and the women got a makeover. a few hours of being spoiled goes along way for these warriors going through so much. tonya snyder, wife of the redskins' owner dan snyder, is the leader in the nfl's campaign oagainst breast cancer. she's a survivor herself. >> i just had a checkup a few weeks ago and so far, it is great. >> good news for tonya. the ladies will also get tickets to sunday's game and will help the team on to the field. >> coming up, mckellar from -- a colorful man in d.c. is representing hate and -- is representing hate and love, but it's not getting a lot of love. >> n/a barnesville mandell on a cross-country trip. he ends up -- and 8 barnesville cross-country trip. he ends up -- and 8 barnesville
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>> a barnesville maryland man is found in yellowstone national park after taking a cross-
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country trip. >> his vehicle was found sunday night and it was found near old faithful in yellowstone. there have been repeated searches and so, they have found nothing. friends, family, even neighbors are growing cricket -- growing increasingly concerned. >> we would stop and he would be out there with us -- with his motorcycles, shining things up. >> did you hear that he was missing? >> i thought it was kind of odd. >> his motorcycle is still in front of his town house, but stewart is missing. this neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said that he often talked about taking a cross-country trip in his like this. sunday night, that alexis was found in yellowstone national park, but he was missing.
5:31 pm
>> stewart was a friendly, neighborly guide. someone you would like to have in your neighborhood, especially in a neat -- in the wintertime. because he would come out and help you clean your driveway, your lawn, your car. he was just a helpful person. >> he did not bother nobody. he took care of his property. >> he lived here for quite awhile. >> yeah, at least seven years or better. >> searching by ground and by air has turned up nothing. it neighbors say that he had recently lost his job with verizon. >> i had a neighbor, last night and said that he lost his job back in july and it kind of freaked him out. i guess it would. >> they have had constant contact with police and authorities out in yellowstone. they, so far, have not found anything. they do not suspect foul play.
5:32 pm
>> a man who stood by the washington redskins for decades was laid to rest today. graaff campbell, otherwise known as grandpa hogget, was not buried with full military honors. he helped found the house gets back in 1943. they were known for wearing dresses and hats and the now it's back in -- pig snouts during the games. >> starting today, d.c. residents can get tested. >> organizers said they have already seen a lot of success for this program this morning in just a few hours. and they say this is the first time it has been done in d.c., possibly the nation. >> it is a place most everyone has to go, and that is the driving force behind hiv
5:33 pm
testing at the dmv in southeast. >> there has been a lot of fear and stigma. i think this project is attempting to normalize testing. >> it is a collaboration of a public/private partnership and a $250,000 grant. any president who comes into the branch can take the test -- any resident who comes into the branch can take the test and a process that is discreet and fast. >> if someone should come up positive, which i hope they do not, it is something they can no so they can start getting treatment. >> more than an estimated 6000 washingtonians are living with hiv or aids. many do not know it because they have not been tested. project managers hope to change that. they hope it's the right combination between getting the
5:34 pm
test, the results, and if positive, the necessary care. >> i think it's good they have it at the dmv. >> the free hiv testing program will be available at this southey's location for the next year and then if it is successful, it will be applied to other branches. >> taking a look at news from around the region. police are looking to four burglaries that could be related. they all happened a long haymarket late sunday and into early monday morning. purses and money were stolen in each incident. it is terribly to know if they were connected to several burglaries in fairfax county. but they are investigating the possibility. bedbugs have infiltrated the federal government. the ronald reagan building in the building that houses the u.s. agency for international development are now being treated for bedbugs.
5:35 pm
employees and furniture in the affected areas have been removed. they're checking -- they have been treated and will be checking them out in three weeks. >> soon, the toll road will be cash free. the first 5 mile segment of the roadway is set to open late this year or early next year. the toll will cost $1.45 per trip. those who use the pass will get a bill in the mail and a $3 service charge. -- those who do not use the pass will get a bill in the mail and a $3 service charge. >> you are looking live at the american legion bridge. in the right side of your screen that is the outer loop. we have seen delays that we did not see yesterday. they have returned with a vengeance. delays from 270 down towards tyson. -- tysons. things improved significantly as
5:36 pm
you get toward the bethesda area. connecticut avenue, no delays on the inner loop. that just the outer loop getting to virginia. some significant delays right here on the springfield interchange. obviously, some extremely slow traffic that will take you down to 123 and then after that, it increases significantly. he will not see any of the delays that you usually see. >> coming up, getting tougher on car safety standards. how it could affect your next car purchase. >> i got weaker and weaker. i would have died without my hiking stake. >> he survived six days lost without food or water. >> and coming up new at 6, -- ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet,
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quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> the federal government has a new safety rating system for cars betty mackey puc for on the roads. >> -- for cars aimed at keeping you safe on the road. >> the federal government is making crash tests tougher.
5:40 pm
that is good news for drivers like farrell, who picked out his van with safety in mind. >> it was more convenient for my wife to use a minivan. >> vehicles will undergo side and front impact test and for the first time, female crash test dummies will be used. >> this new crash test system will combine all the car's safety ratings into an overall vehicle store. >> for example, the greek -- jeep grand cherokee and the honda pilich will have to undergo side and front impact rating. officials say some models may see their ratings drop under the new program. >> i think that we need to be more on the forefront as far as developing cars with safety features.
5:41 pm
>> the national highway safety a ministration has said only about 30 miles. -- 30 models. many do not yet have a rating. >> officials say in total, they plan on testing 55 vehicles. they want to stress that these crash test ratings only apply to the 2011 models. you can get more information at >> coming up next, how do customers react to the changing of the bag on one of the most popular snacks. of the bag on one of the most popular snacks.
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>> local schools have seen a number of students with food allergies to skyrocket over the past five years. if you -- is your child's school equipped to deal with allergies to things like tuna or nuts or eggs?
5:45 pm
>> one maria prepares breakfast for her daughters, she is confident that the food is safe. >> the key for us is reading all the ingredients. we make sure we avoid peanuts. >> her daughter is severely allergic. >> i have had it for my whole life. >> she wears a medical alert bracelet and is constantly on the lookout for peanuts. >> if i touch peanuts and then i do not wash my hands and i touched my sister, she might get an allergic reaction. >> her entire face swelled up and her eyes swelled shut and she was covered in hives from head to toe. but the school nurse in alexandria -- >> this corners
5:46 pm
and a school in alexandra -- alexandria said the rise of steam to the orgies is almost staggering which is part of the reason that alexandria maintained a school nurse on every campus. step-by-step guides are posted and the staff is trained. >> the cafeteria staff is trained for what they need to do. the teachers are prepared as well as the eight ministers. >> and the lunch line at its automated -- as well as the administrators. and the lunch line is automated. this elementary set the standard. most areas school districts do not have nurses or food allergy policies. >> because of the budget cuts, the fault -- the school health services are reduced, many times, but if -- it is at a cost.
5:47 pm
>> maria is so passionate about the issue that she now goes to other schools to provide training and awareness of the food allergy through the food allergy and anaphylaxis network. >> from peanuts as a snack, another kind of snack here. you can rest easy, frito-lay is changing back to its old son chip packaging after complaints over how loud the biodegradable packaging is. they're allowed because of the plant material they're made out of. -- they are loud because of the plant material they're made out of. >> a rescued hiker is speaking out today. he was stranded in a california candidate -- canyon. he survived six hot days without food or water in the joshua tree national park. after making a series of wrong turns he realized he was lost and felt like he was wasting
5:48 pm
away. he was also a bit of a comedian about keeping his spirits up. >> it turns out it was very friendly with this horse fly. it was my companion there and it's the dawn me and hung out all day. -- it slapped on me and hung out all day. >> he also credited his walking stick for helping him climbed boulders and a ball when he fort -- started to feel tired. -- and a walk when he started to feel tired. >> there will be a rally later on on the national mall this week. stewart is asking for donations to the national mall charity trust that helps maintain the mall. donors can choose a donation that raises money for school supplies. good ideas. >> pageant ended last night on
5:49 pm
top. consistent front runner was still jennifer grey. take a look. >> [unintelligible] and express the right connection. >> it turns out last night's show also have local dancers. they teach ballroom dancing at the atlantic ballroom in chelsea, maryland. watch "dancing with the stars" at 9:00 with abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. gordon peterson is keeping an eye on things. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., the republican candidates for the u.s. senate in delaware, christine o'donnell, is denying that she is a witch. that is a first in my experience. but will tell you how she is confronted the issue with voters. also, a crackdown on terror
5:50 pm
suspects with the united states. 12 key rests, and also the sentencing of the times square bomber. >> it gets -- is almost half an glove weather now. -- it is almost hat and glove weather now. >> this will dislodge and move out to sea and once that happens, warm days ahead. you can see the cloud cover ride over the nation's capital. temperatures running in the low to mid 50's. it will improve later in the week. at 56 degrees in alexandria right now. a western the wind at 11 miles per hour. in the district on the campus of the gw university, 50 degrees with a westerly breeze as well. this low pressure center that
5:51 pm
moved across the jersey shore today and is now across south central pennsylvania, you can spinning andulation spendin as that happens, some of these showers across western pennsylvania will get dragged through our area. a few spotty showers across our area and an improvement after that. a few showers here and there and then high pressure moves in during the evening hours and then we will be in fine shape. as we look through the day tomorrow, cloudy with a few sprinkles and a light shower, succeeded 65. a big improvement by thursday through the holiday weekend. a whole lot of sunshine. get the latest on clinton portis. >> it is almost a committed. he has been paying death for -- is almost cumulative. he has been banged up for the
5:52 pm
last several weeks. he said he does not expect to play sunday against the packers. he got wishbone. while the initial report was a sprained ankle, he said he felt the abductor muscle a pop. >> arbys the, you want to be smart in this situation because it is too early in the season to try to get guys out there and they may be injured themselves. you want to do what is smart. >> and we will have more on the redskins coming up at 6:00. in the meanwhile, the redskins play their first preseason game tonight. -- -- playfair fourth precede -- the redskins play their fourth preseason game of thtonight. >> i will come up this morning and -- i woke up and did about
5:53 pm
three hours on a treadmill and i probably will again tonight at about 10:00 -- until about 10:00. it is a lot, but i know what i'm getting into. both teams clash around schedules. my greatest hope will be to get rid of that stress around playoff time. >> speaking of the cavs, i caught up with jason janeiro this afternoon and he was wearing a shiner like no other. >> luckily, i married, so i do not have to go and impress the girls. >> jason says he was sitting on the bench when he got hit by the puck. he will where that baby for a while. -- he will where that baby for a
5:54 pm
while. -- wear that baby for a while. [laughter] i guess he's lucky does not have to impress the girls. >> an old volkswagen van -- volkswagen van in the and d.c. york is g
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> an old band known as the peace mobile has sparked a battle in to the palisades. >> [inaudible] with the support of her neighbors she refused. >> it just reminds us that it is important to speak up for what you believe in, whether it is free speech, environment, poverty, it is important to speak up. >> the values that janice kaplan radiates off her palisades -- the values of janice kaplan
5:58 pm
radiate off of her palisades, but public works has labeled her fan as an abandoned vehicle because it has no engine and is impossible to drive. they told the owner to get rid of it because it could attract animals and could be hazardous to the community. kaplan says it is not an abandoned vehicle, but a work of art. it was recently painted by children in georgetown and they used it as a prop in their musical. but the city is sticking by its guns. they say if they let this one go, every owner that has an abandoned car could this same thing. but this woman, who would not go on camera, agrees with them. >> -- agrees with it. >> it is someone's individual expression and has some sentimental value. as far as i'm concerned, i'm ok with it. >> it is part of america. >> kaplan is currently working with city officials, but the city told us today they're going to tow it by the end of the
5:59 pm
month. even if they do, we hope it has inspired others to stand up for what they believe in. >> this week is the peaceful bill. next week it could be educational -- an educational forum, poverty. >> that is it for the news at 5:00 p.m. tonight at 6:00 p.m., a crackdown on terrorism after a widespread warning. >> new precautions here at home. that we will have the latest on this new threat. >> president obama goes back to school, so to speak. the big homework assignment that he has given some of the nation's colleges. >> live in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> a more intense crackdown overseas, days after u.s. officials issue a tear other for americans traveling to europe. >> polic s


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